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Building olfactory and cosmetic territory for premium brands

Job / Customers

Olfactoria meets your needs by becoming a dedicated and external team for your project.

The advantages are:

  • Save time, you remain focused on your core business
  • Benefit from extended professional knowledge
  • Gain flexibility, you do not need internal structures
  • Better cost control, predetermined on a fixed fee basis and/or based on success

Our positioning is in line with our partners’ (nose, laboratories, industrial and packaging designers, glassmakers, printers, conditioning workshops, distributors, …) And on yours!

Among our clients are established and emerging perfume brands, fashion designers, hotels, accessory and decoration companies, in France and abroad.

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OLFACTORIA - 22 rue Yves Toudic 75010 Paris - T. +33 9 51 51 04 77 - info@olfactoria.fr